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Support is available from Monday to Friday. We usually answer in less than 24 hours.

We are here to help you get the best of Brainstaq, regardless of who you are, your location, whether you are just browsing through, sharing an innovative idea, or creating a funding campaign.

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To contact support, write by email to:

1. My account

Can I participate without registering?

If you are not logged in, you can only read ideas and vote for them. To publish ideas, comments and participate in Campaigns, you need to Log In

And if you don't yet have an account, click on Register it’s simple and quick.

I haven’t received the confirmation email for my new account.

This can be for several reasons:

If none of these reasons apply, contact us at

Edit my user profile

Go to User > Settings in the menu bar on the top right of the screen. There you can edit your personal information.

My account was deleted

This will only happen if the Administrator considers your profile breach the Community Rules by publishing inappropriate content. If that is the case, you will always receive an email informing you that your account will be deleted.

2. Community users

Communicating with other users

You can do so by leaving a comment in one of their ideas or leaving a private message (coming soon!) on their user profile.

Following other users

Yes, you can follow other users in the community, and other users can follow you. To do so, simply access the user profile you want to follow and click the Follow button next to his or her name. To stop following a user, just click on the same button again.

Blocking a user (coming soon!)

3. Languages (coming soon!)

Changing the language of content (coming soon!)

4. Reporting content

If you find there is content (ideas or comments) that does not comply with our Community Rules, you can report it. You can do that by sending an email to

When you report content, you must specify the reasons for which you consider it inappropriate, from the following:

Reported content is then passed on to our observatory, where the brainstaq Administration will evaluate whether the content should be removed.

5. Ideas

Publishing an idea

You must be logged in to share an idea, and you can do so by clicking the “Share an idea” button on your profile page.

First, write the title for your idea. The title should summarize its content and contain the key words that describe it, so it will appear easily in the search engine. This should not be more than 25 characters. Then enter the idea’s description and include a photo, which will be the first thing users see when they explore your idea.

Next, you will find several other fields to fill out, all of which are mandatory:


This is the classification of your idea.


Offers two options to establish the type of license you are publishing your idea under. You can read about these licenses in the Terms of Service.

You can also add attached files to add value to your idea.

When your idea is complete, click on “Create idea” to publish the idea and make it visible to all other users.

6. Intellectual property rights for ideas (coming soon!)

Why was my idea deleted?

Only you can delete your ideas, but if the Administration considers that your idea does not comply with our Community Rules, the idea may be deleted. If this is the case, you will always receive an email informing you of its removal. Also, your ideas may be deleted if it maintains a relevance value of less than 10% for six consecutive week.

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you!