About Brainstaq

We see initiatives, projects, and businesses starting up here and there, especially in Africa, only to disappear quickly due to lack of funds. Those that are resilient enough soon become difficult to sustain over a period of time. Without adequate finances and funding, most of the ideas that can change the African narrative are rarely able to break out from being just an idea, let alone grow into a tangible business.

This is the problem which Brainstaq solves!

Our Mission

Brainstaq is on a mission to help empower creative and innovative ideas and encourage development among African startups and small businesses.

What We Are

It is an online community to share, validate, and market your ideas, projects, insights and inspiration and attract cofounders and investors by engaging the power of the crowd.

What We Do

Brainstaq provide the tools to validate your idea, amplify your reach, enhance collaboration and source for funding for your projects, all in full transparency.

Join the Movement

We want all those ideas to have a chance to grow and give them a fighting chance to reach their true potential.

We believe every African should have the tools to create the solutions of tomorrow.

And we are dedicating ourselves to make that happen!

Our goals for the next 5 years are:

  • Empower 10,000 innovative ideas and projects
  • Encourage innovation and development in Africa
  • Help 500 Brainers get cofounders in Africa
  • Fund 1000 projects
Contact us: brainstaq@gmail.com