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Without adequate finances and funding, most of the ideas that can change the African narrative are rarely able to break out from being just an idea, let alone grow into a tangible business.

Share your ideas, creations or insights with the public, get adequate exposure and positive validations, get collaborators and raise the required funds to make that idea a reality.

Don’t watch that idea, project, or business disappear due to lack of funds. Brainstaq will help you develop that business idea and build the resilience needed to sustain your business over a period of time.

It goes beyond sharing of ideas.
Brainstaq empowers disruptive African ideas!

We are on a mission to help empower creative and innovative ideas and encourage development among African startups and small businesses.

We believe every African entrepreneur should have the tools to create the solutions of tomorrow. And Brainstaq is dedicated to make this happen!

With our user-friendly, ideas-sharing and crowdfunding platform, African entrepreneurs can start, nurture and grow their desired businesses sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still having uncertainties? Find simple answers to those questions that no one asks

  • Brainstaq is an online community to share, validate, and market your ideas, projects, insights and inspirations, and attract cofounders and investors by engaging the power of the crowd. Brainstaq is great for African entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses, organizations, and more - and for the sponsors and backers who want to support and collaborate with them.

  • You can set up an account for absolutely free. However, there are fees to accept funding. If you want to do crowdfunding and generate funds, you need to pay a certain commission on every donation received. Payment processing fees are determined by the providers we use. At the moment, Brainstaq only supports Paystack.

  • Brainstaq is designed for Africans. Although, it is currently only available in Nigeria. People can contribute from anywhere by credit card, with donations denominated in the currency of the creator. Payouts work everywhere our payment provider, Paystack serves.

  • Brainstaq is different. It's fully transparent (you can see where money comes from and where it goes), and it is designed for African entrepreneurs and encourages collaboration.

  • Pricing is based on a small percentage commission on the total amount of funds raised through the platform, which is 10%.

  • You can contribute money, suggestions and/or your expertise as a member of Team Brainstaq. And we'd really love it if you shared your own idea and contributed by growing the community!

    For more info about how you can contribute to Brainstaq, send an email